Published on April 13, 2022
by Gabriela

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs for short, have gained popularity in the past few years, selling for as much as $24.9 billion in 2021 alone. One of the most recent developments in the world of cryptocurrency, NFT, is close to gaining mainstream adoption despite signs of slower growth.

NFTs have taken asset (particularly virtual property) ownership to a whole new level, as more and more digital artwork and even virtual real estate change hands on the blockchains.

The question is: Is the NFT phenomenon just hype? Or should asset owners start promoting their wares for sale much like digital marketers and traders do—by employing search engine optimization (SEO) tactics?

How Do I Promote My NFTs?

If you’ve already begun creating and even selling NFTs, should you start promoting them next? And if you decide to do so, how will you go about it?

Maybe you should take a page from the world’s most successful marketers and start with SEO. But if you’re new to digital marketing, you may need to know the basics first. Let’s begin.

What Is SEO?

SEO is the process of improving a website’s technical setup, content, and popularity so people can easily find and visit its web pages. You should know that the higher your site’s or page’s SEO ranking is, the more likely it will appear on top of search results.

And since SEO is more technical than creative in that your page needs to meet specific criteria to get noticed by browser algorithms, many consider it a science. To rank high, for instance, you would need to insert popular keywords or search terms commonly used by people looking for a specific product, service, or information.

Google’s search algorithm considers more than 200 factors when ranking websites.

What Is the Ultimate Goal of SEO?

As mentioned above, SEO’s ultimate objective is to make a website appear as a top search result, regardless of the browser (Google, Bing, etc.) used. It is, after all, only natural for people to click the top result for answers to their questions, as these would probably have the most relevant content. As such, the higher your site’s search ranking is, the more traffic it is likely to get.

What Does SEO Have to Do with Education?

Simply put, SEO in education is the process of promoting school websites or what we call “education marketing.” It aims to enable search engines to show the top preschools in San Francisco, California, for instance, to a mom looking for her child’s first school.

That said, SEO in education can get any school to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) with a little bit of professional help. Why is that?

Understanding SEO and putting it to work are completely different things. SEO experts are trained to determine the top search keywords and use website analytics tools and data to optimize content, whether a blog post or an entire website.

And that is critical, especially for schools and other academic institutions in areas where competition is stiff. Add to that the fact that physical schools have to compete with online education providers, too.

Did you know that the keyword “online education” yields 14,800 searches per month?

And can you imagine how it would look if online educators did not appear in the top search results? How would they get students then?

Whatever type of educational institution you run (private or public, physical or virtual), you cannot survive without students. And since most, if not all, rely on the Internet for almost anything these days, that makes SEO in education a must.

What Is Social Media SEO?

Social media SEO, or simply “social SEO,” is the practice of using social media and SEO strategies to improve a website’s search ranking. The concept is founded on the fact that there are 4.48 billion social media users worldwide, and any company that does not take advantage of SEO in its marketing strategy is on the losing end. Hence the birth of social media SEO.

Social SEO works in various ways. You can, for instance, develop more content about trending Twitter topics because it is bound to gain some attention. You can also post promotions on various platforms to get more views or leads.

You need to know that it is not just enough to optimize site content. Boosting page ranking also means taking advantage of all available promotion channels.

When asked which is more important—SEO or social media promotion, it is quite difficult to say. Experts opine that they go hand in hand. A study has, in fact, found that 50% of people become more interested in brands after seeing them on different social media platforms.

There is, however, an art to nailing effective social media SEO. You need to ensure that your profile is up-to-date and up to par with your overall branding strategy. In addition, you need to follow best practices like using images and tracking links.

Regardless of what field your organization is in, all SEO practitioners know that most people do not bother to look past the first page of search results. So if you want to make SEO work for your site, be sure to aim high.

Can You Make Money from NFTs?

Historically, only the rich have been known to afford priceless works of art. However, with the emergence of NFTs, that is no longer the case. These days, even normal people can purchase the work of top artists from NFT marketplaces.

While NFT art may seem nontraditional (at least not yet), more and more people and even companies are jumping on the bandwagon. They have begun realizing that they can gain reasonable returns on their investment from their crypto-collectibles and digital assets.

It is highly possible to earn from selling NFTs. Several content creators like digital graphic artists make a living that way. And they are not alone. Real estate brokers, architects, and even 3D model creators have joined in.

And unlike peddling their work through traditional channels like art galleries and showrooms, NFTs allow them to cut middlemen out of the picture. While NFT marketplaces do get a chunk of your earnings, that is not as big as, say, the money you would spend on hosting an art exhibit. Better yet, each time your work gets resold, you receive 5–10% as royalty, something you definitely will not get when your physical painting changes hands.

Did you know that today’s top NFT marketplaces—OpenSea, Axie Infinity,
and Rarible—sell NFTs ranging from memes to rare collectibles?

But like any other business, you must become well-known to become marketable. You certainly cannot expect people to invest in your pieces if no one has ever heard of you—that would not be considered a sound investment, especially since reselling that particular NFT could be challenging.

Typically, buyers interested in NFT projects search for marketplaces on search engines. So, if you want your target market to get to you, you need to be visible online, which requires taking the SEO route and investing time in effective SEO.

What Is the Connection between NFTs and the Metaverse?

If you have heard of the “metaverse,” you would know it is the latest craze in the NFT world.

Those into technology, gaming, or cryptocurrency probably began hearing about the metaverse before 2021 ended. You may have seen social media posts or news articles about it when Facebook announced its dream of developing the metaverse. What is it, exactly?

The metaverse is a digital and online 3D universe made up of virtual locations. Think of it as a futuristic version of the Internet where users can meet, interact, work, play, shop, and socialize with one another as they would physically. In the metaverse, they can do what they do in real life—take a vacation, go to work, and more—without leaving the comfort of their homes. All they need is a virtual reality (VR) or an augmented reality (AR) headset.

What do NFTs have to do with the metaverse? You’d agree that you cannot live in the real world without money? The same thing holds for the metaverse. But instead of money, your avatar or virtual equivalent will need to use NFTs to purchase tickets to a concert, pay the rent to your apartment, or eat at a newly opened restaurant, for instance.


Although challenging, SEO can be your ally in ramping up your business. But since search engines constantly modify their ranking algorithms, you need to keep up by regularly reviewing and updating your strategies. Remember that a higher SEO ranking means more traffic, which ultimately translates to bigger profits.

And if you think SEO is only for companies that trade in the real world, you couldn’t be more wrong. The practice can also benefit your NFT business, earning you big bucks in the process. And should the metaverse ever come to fruition, that may just be your ticket into the world of tomorrow with NFTs the primary currency.


What is an NFT in advertising?

A NFT is basically a unique digital asset. From art, as Bored Ape yACHT cLUB, to a video clip or a music sample — anything that lives on a machine could be an NFT. The difference is all in the term “non-fungible.” Non-Fungible tokens are unique. Also, non-fungible tokens are indivisible.


How do I advertise my NFT?

To advertise your NFT Collections, you should use social media to create communities and google positioning and brand awareness for long-term sustainable results. These two ways of advertisement are non-exclusive, and we should focus on both if your goal is SOLD-OUT in all your collections.

We are experts in Google Positioning (organic and paid), and if you are a good match, we would love to be your partner online.

What NFT means?

NFT stands for non-fungible token, and it's generally built using the same kind of programming as cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin or Ethereum, but that's where the similarity ends. Physical money and cryptocurrencies are "fungible," meaning they can be traded or exchanged for one another,
whereas NFTs are unique and indivisible.

How do you guarantee results?

We work with NFT collections we genuinely believe in. Only the ones we know can generate great results. We are a very niche agency and vet our clients carefully and take care of our clients. We work on your NFT collection as our own.

We’re experts - we only do Google Positioning. It’s the only service we provide and we’re really good at it.


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