Published on April 24, 2022
by Gabriela

Creators are always on the lookout for new ways to express their creativity. Thanks to that desire, one of the latest trends is NFT art, which is an artistic piece working as a cryptocurrency. This is why it’s essential to know how to promote NFT art!

NFT art consists of digital tokens that include diverse art creations. Artists have the rights to the art they made and mint them, which is the same as publishing, in blockchains for people to buy.

The evolution of NFT art is thriving among content creators, buyers, brands, and artists. Since NFTs provide an authentic method to participate on the market, there is no doubt there is an urge to create and sell art as NFTs.

You can also start launch an NFT collection on your own!

NFT collections are your usual art pieces centered on a particular theme. E.g., they could be a series of 3D elements with different textures, virtual avatars with different looks, or gaming objects.

To get your NFT collection on people’s eyes, learning how to promote NFT art is a must.

You can get your NFT collection endorsed by influencers and livestreamed on Instagram. Or you could collaborate your collection with other creators or create a unique landing web page. The possibilities are many.

How Are NFT Art Pieces Made?

Create a Piece of Art

Create your unique designs in 2D, 3D, memes, GIFs, virtual avatars, paintings, and sketches. Anything you want, really. You can set a theme or idea for your creative art and make different versions of the similar art – this will be your NFT collection.  

Choose a Currency

Choose a digital currency from any cryptocurrency exchange platform like Coinbase, E-toro, Gemini, etc.

Set Up Your NFT on a Blockchain

Insert your art as NFT on a blockchain and start promoting your NFT collection to potential buyers.

How to Promote Your NFT Art Collection: The Very Basics

Minting and selling an NFT collection is all the rage these days. The most successful artists NFT take promotions quite seriously. With well-drafted road maps for what the collection will offer, you can gain many buyers.

Here’s how to promote NFT art!

Before Launch

Ideal NFT Marketplace

If you are a digital creator with an NFT collection and trading it on a popular marketplace, like Open Sea, your project is likely to be an attractive option.

OpenSea is the largest marketplace and holds transactions with all types of cryptocurrencies – ETH, Polygon, Flow and Fantom, among others.

Pre-Launch Advertising

During the development of your NFT collection, getting a head start on your branding on social media can up your game. For example, you could show pre-launch teasers of your NFT collection or design an airdrop campaign.

The Importance of Content Creation


When it comes down to digital assets, everything starts with a website. A webpage will act as a hub where people can get to know the artist or brand better.

Creating a website also builds visibility and credibility, which is essential for proper SEO strategies. SEO allows Google and other SERPs to discover your website based on specific criteria and rank up the search query results.

Newsletters and Blogs

Introducing educative content like newsletters and blogs is a vital tool to provide valid information to your target audience. 

NFT Collaborations

Fortunately, working with other artists, influencers, celebrities, brands, and studios is the easiest way to promote your project. This method allows you to get recognition, work with potential investors and gain a fan base for your NFT collection.

Also, you can refer other collaborators to your audience for mutual gain. It’s a win-win! 


Giveaways add a perk to your promotional strategy.

Audiences will react to your NFT when they see a benefit involved. They make the audience aware of what your brand is up to and get people hyped.


Direct communication with audiences through AMAs or live-stream broadcasts on social platforms like Twitter and Discord are great advertising strategies.

Going through AMAs promotes live engagement, which allows users to ask questions and get answers. It is also a very effective tool to share your project’s journey and awareness of your unique ideas.

How to Promote Your NFT Art in Social Media

If you want to master how to promote NFT art, you need to use social media. Set up your account and earn organic followers by attaching links to your channels in posts and forum threads. 

Quality social media content should include NFT features and sneak peeks of upcoming collections to generate interest and anticipation. 

These platforms provide continuous engagement. Smart and engaging content makes your audience more invested in your NFT collection and will net you many followers.

Optimized hashtags will also allow more visibility to potential buyers across social media.

Here are a few tips that will catch your audience’s audience:

  • Share the link to your press release
  • Share the title of your NFT collections
  • Give details of the NFT
  • Give proper descriptions of your NFT
  • Create an eye-catching art for your NFT drop
  • Mention the time and date of your NFTs’ launch


Building an NFT community is all about being authentic and relatable. People like to feel like humans, not random faceless users.

Trust and reputation make the audience familiarized with the name and the face behind the product. Word of mouth and self-promotion are still crucial for popularizing art. Projects seeking to showcase their NFTs should share their creations on social platforms.

Good platforms to build a community upon are Discord, Twitter, Reddit and Quora. These community centered sites are very popular, especially in the crypto world.

Furthermore, these community groups can also be a platform where you get feedback on your NFT project and reach potential buyers.

Joining NFT groups on social media and forums allows projects to tap into a like-minded pool of NFT fans. It gives tools to discover trends, understand target audience needs and create channels for direct interaction.

Start a thread about an NFT topic where you get to invite other users to discuss the creative side of your art and introduce your ideas to the marketplace.

Be open and inclusive about the NFT creator community. Ask the community their thoughts about it, answer their questions, and engage in their discussions. It builds connections and brings new audiences to your NFT collection.


Influencers have huge followings and can sway their audiences in your favor. Partner with influencers to generate organic audience traffic.

These collaborations will attract big communities to your project. You can also use relevant posts, messages, educative live streams, and podcasts to guide your new audience. Influencer greatly incentivize potential buyers.

PR & Paid Advertising 

Press releases are pretty valuable for promoting NFT sand will gather more and more global audiences for your collection.

A press release, however, is an outsourced promotion for your NFT, so you’ll have to contact a digital marketing service, such as Exonite.

PR provides an authentic channel for the information to spread on the internet. PR releases on leading financial papers and forums will gain traction from brands and corporations.

PPC and advanced paid advertising techniques on platforms like Youtube, Twitter, Reddit, and webpages generate optimized traffic to your NFT Collections.


Mastering how to promote NFT art will lead to better revenues.

Interacting with your community is key to successful marketing of digital assets. Building rapport with the community establishes better relations with the target audience. It becomes essential for long-term engagement.

A flexible marketing strategy with multiple approaches will make your NFT collection interesting in any of its development stages. Remember that continuous community support will ensure a loyal fan-base!

Wait no more! Use these tips on how to promote NFT art and raise to the top with your project!

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