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Published on December 23, 2022
by Gabriela

Many companies aren’t waiting for the Metaverse to go fully mainstream to establish themselves in these virtual worlds. Instead, many are trying to take advantage of the investment opportunities, although most of it is entirely experimental.

At the same time, brands are looking for ways to improve customer service to give every visitor the best experience, ensuring their return.

Ways to Improve Customer Care

A virtual reality experience needs an immersive way of operating for business to bring the best attention to everyone visiting it. These are some of the most important things a company has to keep in mind to provide the best customer care in Metaverse worlds:

Providing Personal Experiences

Allowing deep customization where a user can fit the interface to their liking is one of the best ways to provide a personal experience. So it’s no surprise that this plays an essential role in the Metaverse regardless of the company’s business.

The Metaverse allows something that online shopping and conventional stores often struggle with: adapting to its customers. Virtual worlds can easily achieve it thanks to technology while promoting connectivity in stores tailored to their needs.

Offering Free Trials 

Time ago, companies used free trials for software to show off their product and let clients try them. This limit has been deleted thanks to the Metaverse, and virtual and augmented reality can allow users to test many new things differently.

For example, people can visualize a piece of furniture, an item inside their home, and many other things. Apps allow customers to take advantage of these new forms, enjoying an advantage point of the product without physically seeing it.

Allowing Easy Access from Home

Promotional benefits are available in the Metaverse business in many forms, allowing customers to connect easily with others worldwide. Places and brands can greatly benefit from these “free trials” of real experiences without needing to leave their homes.

Also, the Metaverse is a perfect substitute for those who think attending a social event is not possible or affordable. People can explore and sit on front-row seats to access many experiences, events, and more with high immersion.

Building Deeper Connections

Nowadays, a business goal isn’t only selling a product to a client but also providing guidance and support and creating a relationship with them. So, although this presentation is already strong in the Metaverse and websites, it’s expected to create stronger organic relations that wouldn’t be possible conventionally.

This connection can be known only as the start of a journey that can greatly improve. Embracing the benefits that this gives will allow companies to ensure a tailored experience at the same pace as the Metaverse is being developed.

Creating Automated Interactions

As artificial intelligence (AI) improves, self-service channels are greatly increasing their efficiency, making companies better at serving customers in different ways. This is done through gathering and collecting data, which can be used by automated services to increase support.

Artificial intelligence can also encompass computer vision and natural language processing technology, which can watch and learn from the user’s activities in the Metaverse. As a result, Chatbox will evolve from what people know them, understanding the visitors’ questions and finding the most appropriate answers.

Deep learning algorithms will deploy brands that will move into the Metaverse with the starting chance of offering customers a very quick and convenient path to resolve issues.

Utilizing Brand Ambassadors

Brands also tend to utilize influencers and famous people to promote and show off their products or Metaverse worlds to attract more people. As it becomes increasingly popular, it’s likely to adopt these immersive and interactive environments too.

For example, brands like Gucci and Nike increased their customer care in Metaverse platforms through digital products that could be tried by any client virtually. In addition, limited editions for physical versions were also added for buyers and their avatars.

Gucci also hired the globally known superstar Miley Cyrus to promote its new product in the Metaverse, providing a “quality-check approval” from a famous person.

What Opportunities Does the Metaverse Offer for Retailers?

Retailers are one of the most challenged companies when dealing with the Metaverse since the issues are simple to solve. However, checking how and where people want to shop and be serviced needs much investigation, and a deeper one in virtual places.

Experts say that younger generations are the most used to the Metaverse, meaning they’re the easiest to convince and adapt to marketing strategies that can work. Meanwhile, 55% of the Millennials are somewhat familiar with its concepts (35% for Generation X and 17% for Boomers).

Considering the economy and goods value is vital to know how the Metaverse can change retailer businesses. For example, it can increase the value of existing products or create new ones, such as collectibles and non-fungible tokens.

Since every brand is a world, copypasting methods will only work for some. Brands cannot expect that their strategies will work like a charm from nowhere without examining certain key points first:

  • What’s the company product portfolio: what they can offer, how to offer it, and what goals should be set from that are the starting points?
  • Which products are new: what can be added, and what functions could help customers satisfy their needs?
  • What level of service is expected: depending on the company, customers will expect a certain quality from the product.
  • How does the Metaverse align with the brand: it’s vital that the virtual world retail store can align and keep consistency with its real-life counterpart.

After getting all of those insights, retailers and brands can move on to delivering strong customer service that serves both in traditional and Metaverse ways:

  • Real-time service: retailers can provide global-system service thanks to the Metaverse, which is one of the most demanded features from the population.
  • Social commerce: the Metaverse allows anyone to socialize and enjoy the shopping moment as a meeting event with people worldwide.
  • Insightful analytics: Metaverse commerce provides easier and faster data to be analyzed to improve the experience.

Other Ways to Improve Customer Relationships

There are many other tips, tricks, and ways a brand can implement to increase customer care in the Metaverse world. One of those is acquiring the services of marketing teams such as Exolve, which can realize PR campaigns and advertising of a brand.

This can help with the positive image of a company looking to share with the world that they care about what clients think and are always trying to improve.


Ensuring every customer, visitor, and person of the Metaverse has a good moment in the Metaverse is extremely important for any brand. This ensures that people will come back for more and bring more people to it.

Customer care in Metaverse platforms has a lot of strategies related to marketing which many experts recommend to ensure success. For example, keeping youth audiences is always easier than dealing with older people who are not used to the Metaverse.

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