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Published on January 15, 2023
by Gabriela

With the boom of NFTs years ago, more and more people grew interested in getting into this market for a business or simply the pleasure of collecting digital assets. With more newcomers getting into it, more experienced people have acquired the role of consultant in order to guide people to the right strategy.

What’s an NFT Consultant?

An NFT consultant is a professional who provides knowledge, tips, advice, and strategies that can help a business or an organization in different ways. While some think it’s impossible to do such a task since NFTs aren’t tangible, an NFT consultant can do wonders to earn profit.

These consultants act as a bridge between businesses and technology thanks to their understanding of how things work, helping to improve efficiency and functionalities.

A consultant also has a great sense of business and technological trends of the current world, especially of the Metaverse, blockchains, and more. This allows these people to see the big picture, identifying what’s important for a brand. (Such as hardware, software, and business networking).

Their strong grasp of business and how operations can impact other activities. It allows them to understand what parts of certain processes and systems are in place and what could be improved. Knowing this is extremely handy and effective in providing solutions and recommendations.

A good NFT consultant also knows what specific tools can optimize an organization, performance and customer experience. For example, spotting the gaps in current procedures and implementing new software will allow everything to run more smoothly and consistently.

How Does an NFT Consultant Help Expanding an Organization?

The number of benefits a consultant can offer to businesses is numerous. They all make it easier to grow and improve practices while getting new resources, services, and even clients that allow a faster and simpler expansion.

Using technological and business knowledge also grants clients a competitive edge, an indispensable resource for companies that want to get to the next level. This helps to save critical amounts of money and valuable time to spend on other things.

Why are NFTs Certified Professionals Needed?

The demand for certified NFT professional certifications for consulting has risen significantly in the last couple of years, accompanied by the momentum of crypto jobs and markets. Many companies look forward to getting into NFTs to explore potential profit opportunities.

The result of so many organizations getting into this space means it’s necessary to find an NFT consultant to help create tokens and sell them to the right audience.

What is Needed to Apply for a Certification?

Any beginner that wants to apply and get an NFT professional certification needs to seek an ideal course in NFTs related to a certain sector. Many industries have been adopting these tokens in many ways lately, meaning that the demand for experts has spread into a lot of areas, such as:

  • Decentralized finance
  • Digital art
  • Gaming
  • Licensing and certification
  • Fashion goods and luxury assets
  • Sports
  • Digital collectibles

Dealing with those aspects of the crypto sphere can allow creating of new projects, as well as landing new promising job opportunities and finally getting the certification.

The Benefits of Being a Certified NFT Professional Consultant

Pursuing an NFT career gives me solid expertise and many job opportunities in many sectors, especially in the Metaverse and related. Still, it’s advised to follow experts and their guidance to achieve a certification correctly.

Building Fundamental Skills

The first and more crucial benefit of having an NFT certification is being qualified for it. Starting with an overview of the fundamentals, those who had the most knowledge and skill were the ones that made their way through to advanced outcomes for learning about NFTs.

Such outcomes include the background of NFTs, specific traits, and work, if necessary. Knowing what makes each asset special and how some can be used in the real world is another great benefit professionals have. Some also receive access to investigation examples and training courses.

Knowing What’s the Best Certification

Those with more expertise in the area know where to look when searching for certifications. Since the market of non-fungible tokens is relatively new, it’s not very simple to find a lot of credible ones, but it’s possible to do it with the right amount of time researching.

A known certification is 101 Blockchains, which offers a tailored course for anyone interested. It is so special that it slightly differs from all other courses. This is ideal for those who want a 100% legit NFT consultant expertise credential.

Focusing on getting this certification has many reasons that can give a clear advantage for business and profit, such as:

  • Valid proof of knowledge: the most important value advantage an NFT consultant certificate provides is the recognition of a person’s skills related to NFTs. From that, anyone can improve and get better into other skills and knowledge, helping to set their personality as a professional.
  • Provides competitive advantage: proof of being an NFT professional can leverage for an advantage. Certified candidates and consultants have priority for employers when it comes to NFT-related jobs. These people are also sorted out first for hiring processes.
  • Shows commitment to NFTs: having a certificate also provides the chance to showcase commitment to everything related to tokens, making the person a clear candidate for anything related to it.

Once the certification is chosen, the candidate needs to prepare for an exam where their knowledge and skills will be tested to apply for being an NFT consultant.

What Skills Does an NFT Consultant Have?

Another thing that makes NFT consultants “different” from people who aren’t experts in these areas is the skills they have obtained. Experts know how to exploit these methods to establish a strong and successful presence online for their clients. These are some of the skills an NFT expert has:

Understanding of the Digital Art World

Many people think that a bit of research and luck is enough to succeed in the NFT world. But that’s far from the truth. There is no success in spaces where someone does not understand. Acknowledging tradition and mixing it with new trends are some of the combinations an expert marketer can do.

Selecting the correct galleries, virtual museums, and auction houses are tasks that any NFT consultant masters to put their client into the best spotlight. Some also specialize in smaller markets, such as the ones in CryptoKitties and CryptoPunks, which are related to NFTs of only one platform.

Knowledge of the Crypto Economy

A good consultant is always aware of cryptocurrency changes and how they can vary in a week’s range. Since it is way more volatile than the dollar, more expertise is needed sometimes to decide if it’s worth buying or selling.

These experts also help customers with the “protection” of a successful NFT since many scams sometimes try to take advantage of unaware users. This protection also includes avoiding speculators who want to inflate the prices of NFTs and other assets to earn more profit.

Other Ways an NFT Consultant Can Help Brands

While one of the major roles of an NFT consultant, these professionals can participate in active roles and help create and market NFTs to make them successful.

For example, Exonite’s marketing team comprises both marketing and cryptographic experts with a lot of knowledge related to the Metaverse and NFTs. They focus their efforts on community growth and search engine optimization to increase popularity and marketing.

A good implementation of SEO and marketing greatly increases the presence of NFTs in Google and similar platforms, such as Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and more. This brings more users, visibility, consistent sales, and, of course, greater revenue.


Becoming an NFT consultant is a long and difficult road that provides much knowledge and expertise related to tokens, assets, and everything related to the Metaverse. However, due to its demand in the last few years, more companies and brands are looking for experts to help them set up virtual organizations.

This opens up a new opportunity for candidates looking to get their certificate, meaning that they need to apply and pass an exam to get it.

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