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Published on October 7, 2022
by Gabriela

Since its beginnings, NFTs have changed a lot. Now are getting more and more famous every day, gaining more attraction and public. 

Of course, this has widely expanded its range, not only including arts, but also clothing brands and much more. It also has a place for video games, which have started to develop methods to include NFTs.

How NFTs Work in Video Games

NFT video games can be taken as a new and wholly different experience from mainstream NFTs. Most of the items that are provided can be sold or traded for real money, being as part-ownership objects in-game. Often, these games have marketplaces where players can buy, sell or trade these items.

While all of this is relatively new, especially for big companies, some have already stepped in. Globally known publishers such as Ubisoft and Square Enix started developing their NFTs. However, most of the games currently on the market are created by indie companies with few team members behind them.

Most Famous NFT Games

There is a pretty interesting list with many games conforming to this market. Being in their early days, some of them have gained a lot of notoriety and players already. These are some of the best NFT games out there for anyone to try out:

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the most famous and “originals” of the NFT video games club. This monster-breeding RPG has many similarities to classic games such as Pokémon. The player acquires a pet that needs to raise, making it strong and evolving into new generations.

These pets are called Axie and can be traded around the many possible marketplaces or in-game. Depending on the breed rarity, users can earn a lot of credit. This is registered on a blockchain that filters their rarity and value, allowing players to get real money.

It gained a lot of its current fame thanks to the promotion made through the many famous streamers that financed new users with shared earnings, bringing a huge influx of users. This made that everyone wanted to try it to win money through that system.

Since it is a free-to-play game, everyone can join and start playing it, but the Axie development is stopped once the pet reaches a certain level. In order to increase it, users will need to invest money in it.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox isn’t only one of the best NFT games. Also is a platform for creators to unleash their unlimited creativity. Powered as the “NFT version” of Minecraft and Roblox, users that join these worlds can create many unique things and sell or trade them.

Bringing flexibility and creativity made it hugely famous, meanwhile its focus on NFTs gave them that special attractive that gave them the spotlight.

Developing own metaverse worlds, new experiences, and buildings are just some of the features The Sandbox provides. It is also possible to travel and visit other metaverses created by hundreds of players that crafted them.

The voxel or cube-style of the video game resembles a lot of Minecraft, but it provides a huge and wider list of features than Microsoft’s game.

Gods Unchained

Heavily inspired by different fantasy card games such as Magic: The Gathering and developed by one of its original directors, Gods Unchained has many similarities. This free-to-play NFT card game is a battle game where users need to combine and use their cards in order to defeat the opponent.

Each one has unique stats, skills, abilities, and of course, strengths and weaknesses. Since it is a very well-designed game, it is not always decided that the player with the highest value cards has a 100% secured win.

Being free also means that skill matters, and NFTs only enhance the player’s skillset. Experience is awarded every time a user finishes a game, unlocking new cards that can be sold or traded all around the marketplace.

Tokens called GODS can also be obtained when trading or selling cards, which are used to upgrade some cards, enhance them or get even more cards. Thanks to this, the game’s fame transformed one of the most profitable niches (trading carts), earning a huge base of players.

Defi Kingdoms

Defi Kingdoms brings the nostalgia of the 90s and the pixel era and combines it all in a fantasy game with NFT mechanics. It is played as any other fantasy RPG game: users complete quests and different missions in order to gain experience, items, and resources.

What makes it different from others is that by developing the hero by gaining XP, users accumulate tokens called JEWEL. Upon reaching a certain amount, these tokens can be converted to a cryptocurrency called Harmony One.

The token strategy, along with focusing on creating a very simple NFT game that is able to profit a lot without the need of a huge team gave them a lot of fame. This approach allows devs to show that even the complicated concepts of decentralization and NFTs can be simply explained with fantasy video games.

Unlike the others, Defi Kingdoms isn’t a free-to-play game, which means that users need to pay in order to access it.


Another game that has many similarities to Magic: The Gathering is Splinterlands. This game allows players to collect different sets of cards, each one with its own rarity, and trade them with others. All of them are recorded on the Hive blockchain.

With very similar gameplay to other card table games such as the globally famous Hearthstone, every card has a stat value. This can be increased by acquiring better cards, merging repeated ones, and more. The highest rarity it has, the more price value it has.

This is also a paid game, and players need to pay for their own pack of cards when they start. After that, more can be acquired just by playing and winning battles. In addition, it is another great example of how profitable a game can be if their fame is high enough.

Star Atlas

Probably one of the most promising games out there, Star Atlas hasn’t been fully launched yet but already gained a lot of fame. Its promise of being a triple-A game with amazing graphics, gameplay, and performance will set up the foundations for newer games.

Based on space exploration games where mining, gathering resources, and combating enemies is the main objective, Star Atlas raises the stakes with NFT inclusion. Built on the Solana Blockchain, it is expected to revolutionize the market since it gives full control to the users.

It will offer complete ownership of the digital assets that players will acquire, like equipment, ships, weapons, and more. All of them will be able to be sold on the marketplace for real money, or traded and looted within the game. This already had an impact, putting them on the spoitlight and creating hype.

The Walking Dead: Empires

Stepping away from fantasy and card games, The Walking Dead: Empires is one of the newest licensed video games that will offer an NFT base. Being an online survival game, players need to gather resources and team up with other players, building towns and owning land.

Partnered with the VOXverse, which is developed by Will Wright (The Sims creator) it allows users to trade and experience different metaverse events. Players need to buy their NFT character cards before starting since it isn’t a free-to-play game.


Inspired by Fortnite, this battle royale game based on the old west aims to combine the best of NFTs and one of the most popular video game genres today. Gamers can purchase different types of Wild Cards, which boost their skills and unlock customization items for their characters.

Depending on the rarity of these NFT items, their value can increase or decrease. While it is not fully completed yet, it has attracted a lot of notoriety since it will offer a free-to-play mode. Users will be able to get rewards for free and sell them, earning money to buy NFTs that way.

This P2E feature (play to earn) had many success in other games of the NFT genre, and it is expected to do the same for Grit. With already an established name thanks to using the formula of battle royale, devs are waiting for a huge influx of players to its lately elevated fame.


Video games came a long time ago, but they also manage to revolutionize the market and mark an era. This is no exception in the case of NFTs, so it is a powerful combination that appeals to the masses of both audiences.

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