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Published on January 6, 2023
by Norma Kala

The Metaverse and its ways are changing. In virtual worlds where gaming and investing methods are constantly developing and taking over the Metaverse, a new competitor emerges and promises to revolutionize the entertainment-gamer industry: Paradox Metaverse.

What is Paradox Metaverse?

Launched by Paradox Studios in London in early 2021, Paradox Metaverse is a blockchain gaming platform that follows a known format of play-to-earn. This video game allows users to roam freely through its world; meanwhile, they can complete different missions, challenges, and quests.

Paradox Metaverse made a very good first impression with a powerful combination of graphics of hyper-realistic definition and mechanics that allow very in-depth socialization.

The company’s creators also acknowledged that creating this ecosystem was a big achievement for the studio and the future. Combining the expertise of the developers alongside the powerful Unreal Engine 5 software led to such success.

Since it was announced with several trailers, the video game is fully immersive with vibrant environments, similar to Grand Theft Auto and Cyberpunk 2077. With a dystopian plot, players need to enter portals and take over the oppressive forces of Paradox City.

How Can Players Profit From the Game?

The game also possesses a very important system of play-to-earn mechanics, which allows players to profit from it, earning assets and other objects and generating mutual revenue. After completing quests, users get NFTs that can be traded, sold, or bought at the Marketplace.

Currently, the game has three types of non-fungible tokens: the ParaGuns, the Para Bodybox, and Paraclothing, each one with a certain role.

Users can also decide to edit their appearance, clothing, and car (everyone starts with one after logging in). Additionally, 10% of each sale done in the Marketplace goes into the stacking pool and prize pool of Paradox Metaverse.

In addition, the video game has its currency, $PARA. This coin can be earnt by completing missions and stakes in the game. It’s noted that there are “cooling points,” which means there’s a 24-hour wait between mission completion. This is made for players to enjoy the game, not just for profit.

How Does Staking Work in Paradox?

Staking is one of the best ways to earn more from crypto holdings. For example, players can earn up to 20% APY when staking their $PARA token. These tokens are held for a certain period, which goes from 28 to 2888 days when staked.

When staking and swapping $PARA currency, users will get P-SAVE, one of the obtainable currencies, through ParaSwap (the designated decentralized exchange for Paradox).

The Impact on Social Media

The Paradox Metaverse has received much popularity thanks to its impact on social media and public relations campaigns. Since its boom on Twitter, some of the hottest names in the industry in all corners of the entertainment sector have heard about the video game.

Other celebrities have also helped the video game to reach even more audiences, such as the rappers Digga D, Headie One, and OFB, which shared their thoughts on the game. Even the current streaming sensation IShowSpeed is one of the players who will participate.

Along with famous personalities from the Internet, other notable names and companies have partnered with Paradox. Between them, it’s possible to find OpenSea, Uniswap, Binance, and Unreal Engine, to name a few.

How Can Marketing Agencies Complement This Impact?

A commercial success like Paradox Metaverse needs good graphics, play-to-earn mechanisms, and a good marketing strategy to secure a good launch. That’s why marketing agencies have a very big role, especially in these types of projects from the Metaverse.

For example, a team like Exonite can generate sales for their clients’ Metaverse, NFTs, and other crypto projects. In addition, methods like Paradox’s PR marketing, search engine optimization and community growth are some of the best options to kickstart a virtual world.

Other Important Features the Metaverse Offers

While the game’s main focus is making players follow a story, completing quests, and discovering the extensive world it has to offer, other activities can be found too.

The most important events are the Paradox Events, where fans can gather to watch exclusive competitions in which top content creators and streamers participate. In addition, Gamers and celebrities can participate and earn $PARA prizes in these tournaments.

Another very used feature is the Paradox Launchpad, which gives tokens based on projects as a way for users to get funding before their release. Accessing these game tokens cheaper than the average Marketplace is possible for users.

Ways Paradox Launchpad Can Change Blockchain Projects

Paradox Launchpad is another tool of this Metaverse list and the most promising one. Since it features the Paradox Ecosystem allowing blockchain-based projects to fundraise themselves, it provides early access to many top-tier offerings and cutting-edge projects.

At the same time, it’s important to remark that such fundraised projects always have three characteristics that are presented:

  • Protected: only projects listed on centralized exchanges can participate and be launched on the Paradox Launchpad.
  • Crowdfunded: the objective of this feature is aiming to connect blockchain-based projects with people that are willing to fundraise them, increasing token distribution and liquidity. This gives early-stage access to tokens for the investor group.
  • Community-based: the mission of creating sizeable crypto and blockchain communities allow users to use the necessary tools to succeed with their project.

All three key points can ensure that every project is legit, backed up by the Paradox Metaverse itself; meanwhile, the community can gather and watch its development process.

Similar Gaming Metaverse to Paradox

Paradox Metaverse isn’t the only virtual world related to gaming that has been experiencing effective methods to increase its audiences. Platforms like The Sandbox and Decentraland are some of the top gaming Metaverses currently, registering millions of players.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a virtual world similar to the top-seller game Minecraft, where plays can create, build and own many assets in the Ethereum blockchain. Successfully launched in 2018, this project possesses a big community of players, giving creators true ownership over their creations.


Decentraland is a game that mimics 3D format and, like The Sandbox, is also based on Ethereum blockchains. Its combination with virtual reality augmented reality and the Internet allows players to be part of an immersive experience where users can play activities, earn collectibles and buy or sell real estate.

Axie Infinity

With a very different approach, another major Metaverse success is named Axie Infinity. Launched in December 2017, the creator combined the crypto world with online gaming heavily based on Pokémon. This was an amazing success since its mixed genre synergy works very well.

Users need to collect certain creatures known as “Axies” (hence why it’s similar to Pokémon), which they can raise, breed, and use for the battle to get stronger. Through breeding combinations, users can get more uncommon Axies, valued at a higher price in the market.


This free-to-play platform has evolved from imagination into millions of projects created by the community. Roblox became quite popular among gamers since it works as a canvas for players to create whatever they want.

The video game mechanics allow different game modes to be developed, and each can be completely different. The only limit is the creator’s imagination. People can visit virtual cinemas, socialize, go shopping, participate in challenges, and many more.


Paradox Metaverse is one of the new emerging virtual worlds that look promising due to its methods of allowing people to earn just by playing. This successful mechanic of play-to-earn has shown that it attracts many audiences from the gaming sector, and it’s slowly spreading to other niches.

At the same time, these virtual worlds are known for their marketing, which makes them popular. Therefore, a project can only succeed if they have a good public relations team that can attract new audiences and maintain old ones.

Although certain features of virtual worlds, such as Paradox Metaverse, provide tools, resources, and guides to succeed in project creation, marketing agencies are still vital. Mixing the best of both benefits can create a very engaging place where users can spend their time and earn revenue.

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