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Published on October 30, 2022
by Gabriela

More and more people are investing in virtual worlds, which is making them expand at a very high and non-stop way, taking the Internet to the next level. This makes marketing agencies wonder what can be improved or changed to make use of the opportunities presented to them.

At the same time, the Metaverse helps every company and business connect with their users and customers in ways that weren’t possible before. This builds hype and excitement that, with the proper management, can greatly benefit a company.

How Marketing Works in the Web3 Experience

A good Metaverse marketing agency needs to look into its market, products, and services in order to fully embrace the future.

Creating a good experience for every customer is vital. Technological advancements disrupt marketing, ensuring that every strategy is employed correctly. Setting goals is vital to get the platforms working, leading to a successful campaign.

Using the Metaverse in creative ways can help reach targets since advertisements do not work the same way in virtual worlds. One of the main goals is to increase sales.

Marketing Agency Strategies in the Metaverse

These are some of the strategies that a Metaverse marketing agency needs to use in order to be successful when starting a business in Web3 platforms:

Creating Live Events

Live virtual events such as Metaverse conferences, concerts, gatherings or meetings are one of the most successful marketing ideas for an agency or a company. They have the power to bring many people together, raising popularity; meanwhile, users can socialize or enjoy a live show.

Allowing to Try New Products

The Metaverse is a perfect place for 3d modelling and virtual reality assets that can become a handful for companies. Companies can perform virtual tours and showcases and even allow customers to virtually “try” their products, viewing a 3d version of the product with VR.

For example, car companies like Porsche and Hyundai have created virtual tours in 3d modelled showrooms, where people can get in and try out the cars. Clothing companies also have certain features that allow Metaverse avatars to try on certain outfits before releasing them to the public in real life.

Native Advertising

Native advertising in the Metaverse can be achieved with a wide range of options. Billboards on a virtual street located in some world based on a web3 blockchain, video game audio files, and other promotion programs are some of the most famous options.

Engaging with Communities

A business has many ways to interact with community members. This is done through the generation of content that makes marketing feel natural and authentic. A good example of this is using videos, images, text, and even audio to create the perfect campaign.

Offering NFTs

Popular brands such as Coca-Cola and Nike got into the Metaverse and crypto world by offering NFTs that celebrated a unique and special moment in their trajectory. These NFTs can be purchased in different places, such as crypto exchanges or within Metaverse.

The uniqueness it provides attracts many people desperately looking for them, raising their potential investment and selling value.

Developing Brand Avatars

Avatars are very important in the Metaverse, being the virtual representation of each user. Therefore, it’s very important to allow customers and clients to be able to adjust even little details, such as eye color, eyebrows, nose, and more.

Achieving such customization depth can give many benefits related to marketing since it attracts many new people who want to be represented as virtual people.

The Importance of Advertising Metaverse and Web3 Projects

It is expected that markets and businesses related to the Metaverse will reach huge amounts of money, around $800 billion by 2024. One of the biggest companies in the field, Roblox, reached an earning of $319 million only with in-game currencies during the first quarter of 2020, for example.

Other famous brands like Coca-Cola, Gucci, Nike, and Hyundai have also registered big earnings through the sale and advertising of NFTs. All of this makes it a no-brainer when deciding whether it’s a good idea or not to create and advertise new projects.

A good Web3 project, video game, NFT, or whatever is designed needs good marketing to succeed. Of course, this is not the only requisite, but it plays a huge role in order to profit. Quality can change, but those with even lower rates can succeed more if their publicity campaigns are good.

Integrated marketing is the best option when it comes to kickstarting a project’s name. Exonite offers good results that actually generate sales, no matter what type of Web3 project it is. This can lead to creating a good presence while establishing a community, making the development process famous.

What to Keep in Mind When Going for a Web3 Advertising Campaign

While marketing allows Metaverse brands to connect audiences in new ways, it is not a simple task to realize from one moment to another. However, many creative and unlimited ideas can be explored in order to create a good campaign.

A clear mindset is the first step to establishing a good advertisement campaign. Being meaningful in the long term helps to establish realistic goals, against dangerous short-term executions. A brand strategy also needs to be parallel to the company brand concept.

Hiring the right people and having a good understanding of Web3 is also vital. So many people want to get into the Metaverse world and everything that surrounds it but don’t even know what NFTs even is. Understanding their value, trajectory, and what it can mean to purchase one will benefit the company.

Challenges that Marketing Needs to Face

Marketing agencies need to face certain challenges, too, when it comes to creating a good campaign. For example, the best Metaverse platform needs to be found for the project to succeed.

Those ecosystems are immersive virtual worlds that need to compete with events and users, which can’t be achieved without good marketing strategies. Decentraland, Sandbox, and Roblox are some of the ones that most suit these needs.

Keeping track of its performance is also vital. Many metrics need to be followed to know how a business is working. While everything about the Metaverse is still a bit vague, some things can be tracked, including engagement.


While terms like Metaverse, nft or blockchain may be new to our ears, the truth is that big agencies like exonite have gone the extra mile in researching appropriate strategies to promote it. 

Specialized agencies will always be the best option when it comes to the web world3. They will be the ones who will know your audience better and will know what to offer them. 

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