Blockchain Marketing Strategy - The New Business Trend
Published on July 3, 2022
by Gabriela

Launching a blockchain marketing strategy is all about designing something that engages the target audience. Its goal is to entice investors to one’s platform by demonstrating the impact of the product.

Therefore, in order to improve a crypto project, it is important to have a blockchain marketing strategy; after all, competition is fierce. Every month, many new blockchain projects arise in the cryptocurrency industry.

You must make a strong marketing campaign that employs a variety of strategies to make your project stand out from others. Due to the importance of creating a blockchain marketing strategy, it would be advisable to rely on an expert crypto marketing company like Exonite.

The Importance of Blockchain Marketing Strategies

A blockchain marketing strategy that effectively promotes projects requires a thorough understanding of the target audience’s purchasing process. It’s a must to provide detailed, valuable information about the blockchain they’re in and relevant to their projects.

Generic marketing strategies won’t do the trick. Most investors do look up about the project they invest in and will avoid unclear blockchains.

Thus, it is needed to improve the marketing actions and create content experiences that will provide the right details at the right time. More importantly, marketers should use the platforms that potential customers and investors use to conduct research.

The Logic Behind Blockchain Advertising Plans

A blockchain marketing strategy is different from traditional marketing due to the potential customers within the crypto market. That means the audience is composed of savvy customers who rely on data-driven information.

Consequently, advertising a crypto network has a slightly different approach than other products. A project can only thrive if it’s trusted, which is why demonstrating transparency and clear goals are a must for any blockchain marketing strategy.

The branding plan has to appeal to the potential customers’ hunger for clarity and economic prospect. Because of this, it doesn’t matter what your blockchain project is about: it’ll make no difference if it’s a cryptocurrency or a non-fungible token.

Acknowledging the target audience should be the number one priority of any blockchain developer. As a result, social media becomes a great option for audience research and marketing as well. A company gets to know its investors while still advertising its project.

Why Blockchain Projects Are Trending

Information is a critical component for any business’s or organization’s success. Accurate data smooths the path to desired outcomes. The enterprise should receive information with pinpoint accuracy at an early stage.

Blockchain assists businesses in acquiring data in an automated and immediate fashion. Not only that but a network’s ledger functions under the consent of its users, which makes obtaining information a legitimate practice.

Thus, a blockchain’s functionality benefits both parties: users appreciate their privacy is respected whereas companies can gather all the necessary data to better their project. However, other elements also make blockchain technology such a godsend for developers and investors. These are:

  • Innovative technology.
  • Increased demand.
  • Smooth universal infrastructure.
  • Auspicious investments.
  • Security and anonymity based on blockchain development.
  • Use of inflection points in the global market.
  • Increased job offers.

These are the basis behind blockchains’ success in recent years. They are a step beyond cryptocurrencies and can be applied to many industries. The possibilities are endless, and companies don’t let those chances slip away.

The Use of SEO in Blockchain Marketing Strategy

SEO in Blockchain Marketing Strategy

One of the most significant benefits of the blockchain industry is its relative novelty. Due to that, all kinds of branding strategies, such as NFT SEO, pay off way faster than in other already-established markets.

While competing for the top spot on Google for some keywords will put you against deep-rooted results, many blockchain keywords are still relatively new.

When it comes to SEO, optimizing both the project’s website and the external link-building efforts is crucial to prosper. Given that 80 percent of consumers ignore paid advertisements, increasing natural traffic through excellent SEO is always the best option.

Building a website with high-level optimization relevant to a project provides a solid foundation. Starting and maintaining a blog that focuses on core keywords will broaden a domain’s presence while still engaging the audience.

Successful Projects

The marketing aspects of projects are not the sole reason of a blockchain’s success. Utility is also one of the pillars behind networks’ fame. Looking at a few fruitful blockchain projects puts in to picture what makes these networks so popular.


Samsung’s IT division has created several blockchain projects for medical centers, airports, and governments. Samsung is capable of leveraging the Nexledger blockchain platform to establish its participation in the blockchain ecosystem.

Among Samsung’s various blockchain projects, the first entry refers to an all-in-one medical insurance claims service. The service allows patients to submit claims at a hospital attendance center or via mobile device.


IBM was one of the first big corporations to focus on large-scale blockchain project ideas. With the IBM Blockchain already in the mouths of various circles, IBM has released its new Digital Health Pass software. 

The program assists organizations in verifying an individual’s COVID-19 test along with their temperature results.

Customers can use the Digital Health Pass software based on their own criteria. For example, to determine whether a person was vaccinated or not. The Hyperledger Fabric and the IBM Blockchain are the main elements of the Digital Health Pass project.


When it comes to blockchain project ideas, Microsoft, the world’s leading technology company, is not far behind. Microsoft has collaborated with EY to create one of its noteworthy blockchain applications using the Ethereum and Quorum blockchains.

The blockchain application supports the management of content rights and royalties. Gaming companies such as Ubisoft and Xbox were early adopters of Microsoft’s new blockchain system.

In fact, Microsoft is betting on blockchain technology quite heavily. The company’s higher-ups confessed they see the metaverse as a reality in a few years. Blockchains are inherent in the virtual worlds: they cannot function without one.

As such, it’s fairly feasible to see Microsoft adding finer and more complex functions to an already elaborate system.


The current range of blockchain project ideas also brings to mind the name Visa. The massive network of Visa access points, which includes approximately 70 million merchant locations, is its primary strength.

Central banks are progressively shifting their focus to the creation of digital currencies. As a result, Visa is attempting to capitalize on extensive R&D in order to ensure the safe flow of cryptocurrencies beyond its margins.

Visa B2B Connect is one of its notable projects. It makes use of Chain’s blockchain infrastructure to provide a better financial solution for cross-border payments. In reality, the proposal has the potential to provide a cost-effective, secure, transparent, and quick method of processing all global payments.

This is just one of the 159 blockchain-based patents that Visa has applied, all for different uses.


Blockchain technology is here to stay. The world’s biggest companies are aware of that and started to invest in developing their own blockchain projects.

Taking into account the big companies’ steps, it’s safe to say developers need to follow a blockchain marketing strategy for their projects to succeed. Even if a network’s design brings long-awaited solutions to the market, visibility is what makes it bloom.

As long as the blockchain sticks to proper advertising and pioneering design philosophy, the network will achieve great results.

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