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Published on October 21, 2022
by Gabriela

Blockchains offer many benefits for companies, hence why many use such resources as a service. Blockchains as service (BaaS) provide the solutions for many optimizations, transparency, and straightforwardness problems.

Early adopters of this software undoubtedly helped to increase its popularity, especially in the logistics and fintech sectors. Corporate giants like IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle have dedicated divisions to Blockchain as a Service.

What Are the Benefits of Adopting a Blockchain Service Provider?

Blockchain as a Service involves the installation and maintenance of blockchains, especially for companies. Since anyone can adopt it, BaaS serves as a blockchain service for blockchain infrastructure providers.

The software also serves as a software-service model that helps businesses to develop and host blockchain apps and smart contracts in cloud ecosystems. Explained simply, BaaS makes blockchains more accessible and usable for business, even for not experts.

Cloud services with Blockchain are features that can be very valuable for a company. The flexibility it provides can tailor integrations, acting as a platform for smart contracts or processing payments for a retailer.

Best Blockchain Service Providers

These are some of the best Blockchain-as-a-Service companies that are experts in integrating ledgers into technology services:


PayStand is an American BaaS in California that incorporates blockchain resources into payment and documenting processes. This ensures immutability and auditing meanwhile the company installs networks that notarize certificates.

It also provides a platform for administrators to check in-depth data in real time. Again, this is automated, along with the financial process, cash management, and accounting.


Blockstream’s BaaS is known for its financial solutions, especially for the Bitcoin protocol. The process of its software creates larger peer-to-peer systems, eliminating the need to use third parties. Its limit is up to ten solutions, which users can access through mining, API management, or energy scalability.


Starting as part of Disney, this company from Seattle focuses on protecting vital business assets, such as users’ or clients’ data. With a serverless cloud architecture for storage and improved operability, their privacy is one of their strong points.


Originally known as Factom, it changed its name after being acquired by Inveniam in 2021. This company has been working with BaaS for a while, renowned as one of the best data layer infrastructure software for managing and securing important data.

Their ledger tool, known as Factom Protocol converts many documents into a singular and digital platform that greatly reduces audit times and costs. In addition, these authenticators are encrypted on Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains.


Bloq offers a wide range of BaaS tools that focus on key business reconciliation, security, and authentication issues. The software can also help businesses to build and heavily customize the BaaS technology to their liking and preference, especially for maintenance.

Other features are a smart wallet, smart contract platforms, and a decentralized data management and storage cloud.


This American BaaS software is known for lending to fintech companies in varied ways. The companies’ and banks’ lendings are usually used for mortgages and loans, which are used to verify records’ organizations and payments transparency.

Many private firms and crowdfunding platforms use Symbiont to secure their private documents and show ownership in real time.


Regarding one of the best Blockchain as Service providers, it’s hard not to mention tZero. This American company integrates ledgers into financial platforms, to create traceable finance movements, all in real time.

Their security token is known and the digital local receipt platform also helps financial institutions to trace and distribute different cryptocurrencies. 


Based in California, this platform works installing blockchain-based infrastructure in IT processes, especially for shipping and logistic companies. Their ledger allows businesses to access a cloud service simultaneously, blockchain protocols and in-house apps.

Since all these features are compatible with supply chain processes, Skuchain can install smart contracts and chain-of-custody tools.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon’s Blockchain as a Service provider is the main provider for many industries. The eCommerce giant integrates blockchain-based networks and different business processes of many renowned companies worldwide. This includes T-Mobile, PwC, and more.

Their service is also famous for improving IT infrastructure, business processes, human resources, supply chains, and financial transactions. Amazon also deploys Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric frameworks to make blockchains flexible, adapting them to almost every environment possible.


Offering a wide range of features for blockchain-based services, LeewayHertz includes consulting, hybrid ledger installation, and maintenance as their best tasks. Such support allows clients to create smart contracts, tokenization, and move across many blockchain ecosystems.

They are also well known for working for leading industry giants such as Budweiser, Disney, and 3M, among others.


This company provides many BaaS services, such as consulting and blockchain-based development of phone apps. Smart contracts and auditing of cryptocurrencies or digital wallets are some tasks this American company also realizes.


Known for using blockchains to automate workflow processes, Altoros fortifies identity security and manages the records of its clients. With blockchain installation in different industries, they can also mitigate fraud and detect faulty systems.

Most sectors they work for are telecommunications, finance, energy, supply chains, and manufacturing companies.


With its main base in New York, BlockApps works to ensure security and permission-based solutions to its customers, all based on BaaS.

The company development is also designed to run a node that can be local or on a cloud, able to be launched at any minute. This is mostly used for developing blockchain solutions such as smart contracts and fraud protection.


This experimental ecosystem of blockchain applications allows many teams and customers to try new things, iterating, and deploying products quickly and safely. They employ a hybrid system of networks that offers immutability and authentication standards.


Designed for business networks, Kaleido is known for working with full-stack BaaS platforms that help enterprises quickly build and run cloud-based blockchains. Their clients can also manage multiple blockchains that span the Amazon and Microsoft networks and many others.


Located in San Jose, California, Innominds is a company that works with blockchains as a service to create products such as smart contracts and crypto. These features allow businesses to build and test their blockchain products, while also developing crypto solutions.

Ripple is one of the most famous software for this solution and is used for maintaining inter-ledger payments between different blockchain networks.


Cryptowerk BaaS service helps many companies to create ledger-based tools that can seal off crucial data while tampering with proof-chain-of-custody. This crypto seal uses ledgers to verify if data is authentic based on many shipment ID codes and GPS telemetry.

The Importance of Choosing the Best BaaS for Your Project

After learning about the many Blockchain as Service, there’s the next step. Companies and new entrepreneurs need to know the importance of choosing a service that adapts most to their desired business model to make it work for Web3.

Most Blockchains are successful in several industries such as finance, medicine, manufacturing, real estate and more. This demand doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon, increasing its numbers every month. Still, not choosing the right one can lead to failure.

The main points an entrepreneur needs to care about when choosing a BaaS provider for Web3 are:

  • Scalability rates and speed 
  • Functionality 
  • Good network adoption rates 
  • Security and privacy 
  • Fees

The Importance of Marketing on Web3 Projects

Once the provider is chosen and the project becomes a reality, it’s vital to realize certain marketing campaigns to boost visibility in Web3 search engines. No matter how good your project can be, lacking a marketing strategy can spell its failure. You must raise awareness of your product.

To take care of this matter, hiring an agency specialized in Web3 marketing would be ideal since they will know better how to promote your project. Exonite for example offers a good presence on Google and ways to grow communities in social media that can kickstart projects and help them gather support.


There are many Blockchain as service providers out there, and every one of them has a unique feature to adapt to the liking of their customers. Choosing the correct one is important since the company’s optimization and development can heavily depend on it.

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