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Published on October 14, 2022
by Gabriela

Web3 is the future of the Internet, changing every aspect of it. Users can engage in innovative ways while earning and investing in Web3 via NFTs and cryptocurrency. This is a big part of these changes, putting the power into the hands of the players.

Why Gaming Needs to Change Centralized Networks

While current rewards and assets can be claimed or purchased with fiat currency, game companies and operators still reserve the copyrights of it. This means that players do not fully own the assets they have paid for, being just a simple license.

In addition, centralized game servers are also known for storing information of their users, which administrators can check and manipulate. Developers can’t have all the resources needed to monitor and allow the trades requested by players manually.

This inefficiency of traditional gaming also provides a clear path for hackers and scammers to realize their illegal activities. Exploiting players provides no benefit for users or admins, and since owners sometimes fail to safeguard their platforms, they end in shutdown.

That’s when Web3 comes in to solve most of the issues presented. Innovative techniques of decentralization (DAOs) such as gaming ecosystems, (Paradox Metaverse, Decentraland, Sandbox) game asset ownership, play-to-earn, and crypto-secured gaming wallets can end the problems.

Other Main Features Web3 Gaming Offers

The main principles of Web3 gaming are self-sovereignty and decentralization, with open-source software to achieve so. Besides that, these are some of the other vital features it can offer:

Game Integration

Web3 gaming and the Metaverse offer a unique characteristic for every nostalgic gamer. This is the capability of exporting or redoing old video game models and assets for any interested user. Since the process is purely personal, the related avatar depends on whoever wants to recreate it.

This integration doesn’t come only for models but also for complete games. The Metaverse allows users to play their favorite games in virtual worlds, too, no matter how old or strange they look.

Minimal Maintenance Costs

Web3 gaming ecosystems do not need a lot of resources to run, and the maintenance costs are meager, needing zero intervention from authorities. Block minting, and high-game data storage facilities have developed a system that provides negligible downtime.

Total Transparency

Distributed processes based on blockchain give them a status of unhackable. No points of failure or weak spots ensure security and transparency. Instead, it relies on a voting consensus that modifies a process where all players can equally participate if they belong to that network.

What Technologies Does Web3 Gaming Use?

To perform correctly, Web3 gaming requires specific equipment, tools, and resources to provide the best experience. These are some of the technologies it uses:

Web3 Libraries

Web3 libraries like Ethers and dApps are vital for game developers and gamers constantly interacting with the blockchain platform. They support in-game transactions and assets that allow the management of smart contracts.

Most of these dApps are built with famous tools such as Unity and Unreal SDKs, which provide a lot of utility for devs and the software.

Smart Contracts

To monitor the processes of a game, smart contracts are realized. They also manage voting and decision-making to address what needs to be done to achieve game changes and evolution.

Most developers that work with these contracts write, compile and deploy them with Remix IDE, although there are other more accessible tools, like Truffle and Hardhat.

Digital Wallets

Every Web3 gaming community has a blockchain-based wallet with a unique address to identify them. Collectibles and in-game assets are stored there, and their interaction with Web3 and the blockchain is critical.

XR Hardware

XR hardware relates to every hardware user required to enjoy video games in a Web3 platform. Depending on the genre, it may vary from smart glasses to scanning sensors, passing through haptic gloves or headsets.

The Future of Gaming Communities

Since Web3 gaming’s primary goal is providing its users self-sovereignty and total control over the assets and products they consume, new communities are needed. These are Gaming DAOs, platforms based on open-source software without affiliation with any company administrator.

They are also communitarian, meaning that the gamers completely control their core, forming the already-known ecosystems. DAOs’ power allows them to redistribute a game’s ownership among players, developers, traders, and investors.

Another revolutionary concept it is wholly based on is its play-to-earn (p2e) feature. Compensating players for participating in specific tasks or succeeding is very important in Web3. Traditional video games often provide one-sided exchanges, benefiting only developers and administrators.

Types of Gaming DAOs

Of course, not every community is the same. Gaming DAOs can be split into different communities since they all have something that makes them different. These are the three fundamental groups:


Gaming guilds are informal groups of players specially formed inside video games. These highly organized clans usually participate in esports teams and play-to-earn events for the communitarian ground.

Participants share the earnt funds as an investment for the club, acquiring new in-game digital assets to improve their team even more. The impact of guilds in Web3 gaming has changed the market entirely because they accumulated assets, leading to speculators and a new base of NFT traders.


The incubators (also known as accelerators) are evolving DAO that focus on growing Web3 gaming platforms through knowledge and expertise. It promises to fund and develop more gaming ventures and provide tools, resources, and technical solutions to those who request them.

They also play a vital role in Web3, providing gaming grants and strategic initiatives that can support clans and new developers. Bringing everyone together aids the scene financially, and everyone profits from it.


Game developers are the other part that conforms to the gaming DAO community. They focus on different stages of video games, developing on common platforms of Web3. Other roles they take care of our defining how games are developed and monitoring the terms and conditions.

These smart contracts moderate the gaming content, their in-game rewards, collectibles, votings, and auctions.

How Do New Web3 Games Become Known?

To develop and turn a Web3 video game popular, there are some points that every developer needs to address. Succeeding to complete these criteria means the videogame can be playable and profitable, earning a lot of fame.

First of all, a game needs to be accessible. It needs to have a way to help newcomers initiate into Web3 gaming. For example, Defi Kingdoms “gamified” complex crypto concepts. Another crucial concept is its value. The differences between a free-to-play and a paid game can be massive.

In addition, their structure of tokens and NFTs cannot be forgotten either. Games with usable, good-looking collectibles are always more famous and profitable. On the other hand, plain jpeg images with no actual use tend not to do well economically, and fewer players are convinced to try them.

Once the game is ready, creating a good outreach strategy is essential to point out. An unknown game isn’t going to be played by anyone. Marketing strategies can advertise a game and its NFT collections to create hype and awareness. This positioning brings more players, benefiting everyone.


A new era of connectivity has changed the Internet, and every space from it will be affected. Video games cannot escape from it and will significantly benefit from adapting to Web3. Gamers, developers, and investors will earn from a transformation that promises control and transparency.

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